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Dolce2Dolce Wedding–Customize Wedding Gown for YOU

Brides are often asking us: why I need to pay more to customize (or made to measure or ‘MTM’) a wedding gown or a wedding dress, instead of renting one? since I use the gown only once for the wedding actual day.

As for Dolce2Dolce Wedding, we always advise the bride to customize the wedding gown, as wedding ceremony is the most precious moment, and a customized wedding gown instead of rental one can fit the bride best, as the wedding gown is designed and tailored for the only bride.

And for Dolce2Dolce Wedding, our wedding gown customization allow bride to choose whatever she likes, from the design, the fabrics, embolishement, beads and size, color or other special requirement like combine different designs into one, so we can follow the bride’s idea under the consult from our professional designer, which the outcome can best fullfill the bride’s dream without losing the original beauty of the design.

And at last, one of the big concern of bride, about the cost for customizing a wedding gown, people prefer to get more and pay less, and we have the same idea. As for Dolce2Dolce Wedding, we try every step to control the cost (please refer Low Prices here on how we reduce the cost for wedding gown), and with the effort, the bride can afford a customized wedding gown with same cost to–if not cheaper than–market gown rental fee. So, can feel free to have a customizated wedding gown which fits you perfect with affordable price.

Contact us today to know more details about our customization details, you can call us at (+65) 9173 8162 , or email us at service@dolce2dolce.com.sg, we will be happy to provide related information and knowledge to you, and it is our best wish to see you the beautiful bride feel satisfied and confident with the customized wedding gown from Dolce2Dolce Wedding.

Article source: Dolce2Dolce Wedding
For Dolce2Dolce Wedding, we do customization wedding gown as well as wedding package, anow we provide exclusive customize design for brides who want to have a luxiry design for the wedding gown. For more information, please view it from our website: