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The proposal – man only

The proposal – man only

The marriage proposal is an important step in life. If you have decided that you are ready to take that important step in life but you don’t know how to do it follow this advices to guarantee your success.


1. It is important to know her answer and her opinion.

This sounds obvious but many couples haven’t event talked about marriage. If you have had serious talks regarding your relations and where it is headed, this means you know the answer will be “yes”. But if you are not, don’t hurry to buy a ring. Instead, make a hint here and there and see how she will react. If positive, go choose the rock.


2.Let’s buy the ring.

First of all you have to understand what she likes. If she is not interested in the surprise than let her choose it herself. If you want to surprise her ask her friends or talk about it as if by accident. It is also a good move to take one of her rings to see the exact size. This ring is the love and commitment from you to her but she will be one wearing it until the end of life.

Important: After you find out what she likes and dislikes, explore. Most men don’t know anything about diamonds.


3.Important advice: insure the ring

After you buy the rock call your insurance agent and add the ring to the home insurance. The fee is very little and will protect your investment if anything happens.


4.It is important to ask for blessing

This rarely happens nowadays and it is not a requirement, it demonstrates respect if you ask her father for a blessing. Invite him for dinner and tell him how truly you love his daughter and that you want his blessing before proposing.


5.Let the moment be memorable

You plant to propose one time only so make the moment memorable. Plan and think creative. Choose a place that has a special meaning to both of you. Be oriented to the details by beginning with the light and go all the way to the mood. Remember that the first thing everybody will ask about is “How did he propose”. Give her a moment to remember.


6.Before the loved one on your knees

There is nothing more romantic than the man you love to be on your knees before you with a ring in his hand and to ask you to marry him. This is all.


7.Keep the moment

Have in handy a camera or a friend nearby who to take pictures. She will be so surprised and happy that the last thing she’ll think about is how to keep the moment. You would have thought about it in advance so you can enjoy the moment forever.


8.Friends helping!

If necessary take a close friend or relative to help with the preparation. This way planning is easier especially if you think about doing something more extravagant. If not, they are a useful moral support, but be careful who you choose. Choose the ones you trusty and be sure they will not tell the secret.



If she is like most women she wants a surprising proposal! Even if she has selected the ring and knows you are about to propose you can still do it surprisingly. Be creative and plan your proposal for when she at least expects.



Be sure that you took you mobile! Engagement is such and surprising moment that the first thing your fiancé would want to do is call her family and friends. After you have shared the moment with the closest person comes the time for celebration. Enjoy a romantic dinner, drink a bottle of wine or just go out and make an engagement party.

With these advices you are ready to take the big step and most important is to do it nicely. Good luck and congratulations!


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