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Brides and brides to be! Today, we have 10 wedding hairstyles for you to try. There are really amazing wedding hairstyles with wedding accessories. They look elegant putted in a hair and make you to look glamorous and gallant. I am sure you will find your favorite hairstyle and just be sparkle on your wedding day. Enjoy!


1 The chic chignon

The word “chignon” comes from the French phrase “chignon du cou,” which means nape of the neck. The chignon is the quintessential bridal hair style. It’s chic, sophisticated and comes in many shapes and sizes to suit all manner of brides. When choosing your hairstyle for the prom, think about what type of style you want to achieve. Consider which hairstyle looks best with the dress you have purchased for your big day. This is a timeless bridal hairstyle. Creative chignons have been and probably will always be a bride’s go-to look. High or low, buns are in!



2 A romantic braid

For that perfect romantic and classy wedding hairstyle, this is a great choice. If you have long hair, you are already are at an advantage. Achieving a stylish, creative and stunning bridal hairdo with the help of your hairstylist would be very easy. This stunning hairstyle will captivate everyone through its sheer beauty. This embellished bridal hairstyle for long hair is a perfect option if you love braids. Small natural or artificial flowers, added in the color complementing your dress or gown, can help you achieve that intricately beautiful and romantic look which will leave everyone spellbound. Even bigger flowers can be used to decorate the braid for that ethereal look.



3 Chic “messy” updo

Very popular in hairstyles this year is the high-pouf. Paired with a messy bun in the back, and a blingy tiara up front, this look is glam-o-rous! This hair style is that it’s effortless enough to wear to a ball game and then on the other hand it’s so chic and elegant! A beautiful hairdo like this needs little else to complete a bohemian bridal look. This is another of those trends that is really in on all fronts. Wear it soft and loose, or in a tight bun, or curled or even straight, as long as it is to the side, it’s in. This style is very flattering to most face shapes, which is a bonus!



4 Curly Hairstyle

Loose, flowing hair combined with an accessory is big news too, and not just for getting married on the beach! Wear this with soft curls, beachy waves or perfectly straight. Curls and ringlets add extra romance to your hair style. The curled hairs are suitable for any special occasion and are especially gorgeous look for bridesmaids or prom. Romantic curls are perfect look for special and formal events. To make this hair style is well behaved stylist will have to use tiaras or crown for define the beauty of bridal. You will try to achieve the desired effect. You have the opportunity to dream up and beautify decaying curly hairs. Most of hairs in loose curls on top of the head to down shoulder. The ringlets are a charming and high volume alternative to curls. For an extra special touch try adding flowers in hairstyle.



5 Bridal Hairstyle with Veil

A veil is as much a part of your wedding-day look as your gown, some would say. And finding a wedding hairstyle that works well with your chosen length veil is no easy feat. For some brides, their hair is only there to hold the veil. However, for others, their hair decorated show is also a very important point. For those brides, a veil that is placed below the impeller is the best choice. These veils are used under overhead and allow the bride to show her hair while holding style wedding is. They also work well as veils of night and day, since they are not heavy, allowing the bride to keep the same style throughout the day. Wedding hairstyles with a veil is modern style. You will look excellent and stylish. In the past it was believed that the veil can defend the bride from the evil attention. Today, it can be more a convention than a wish to protect from evil. We are not able to agree that the veil shows the image of a specific vulnerability and tenderness.



6 Vintage hairstyle Inspired

The timeless feminine fashions of the last 100 years aren’t likely to go out of style anytime soon, especially with all the designers dedicated to vintage-modern designs that are popping up these days. And, who can blame them for incorporating vintage style into their latest runway fashions? How could you not be inspired by the fashions donned by starlet beauties of Old Hollywood? Will the beauty of those women ever go out of style? We think not. Women, who love vintage style fashion and have a vintage style dress, can select a vintage hair accessory. Jeweled headbands can pose as a great option and there are a variety of styles to choose from. Opt for a feather and jewels design or choose a more simple design depending on personal preference and hairstyle. Stylish Hair accessories complete your wedding attire, they can be a single statement piece such as a decorated comb sparkling with crystals, pearls, crystal flower or feathers. Vintage styles are becoming an increasingly popular choice for brides and 1920’s finger waving is a fantastic technique that really gives a sense of old fashion elegance.



7 Short Bridal hairstyle

Today, accessories are a huge part of short haircuts and can really add a lot to the look that you are creating. If you are looking for great accessories for short haircuts, the good news is that you will have a lot to choose from. It will be up to you to decide what you like the best and what is really going to work for you. You will want to match your hair accessories to a lot of things, not only to the short haircut that you have, but also the color of your hair, the outfits that you are wearing, and all of that good stuff. When you are a short haired bride, you may wonder if you are going to be able to wear a special headpiece on your wedding day. While your options may be fewer than if your hair was long, there are actually some truly gorgeous adornments for short hair. These are some suggestions on the most fabulous headpieces for short haired brides. Veils are one of the loveliest accessories for a bride or often you can have bridal hair jewelry modified to suit your needs. One style that is a guaranteed success for a short haired bride is a headband. Embrace the modern and chic look of short hair and the fabulous hair jewelry that will help you to shine on your wedding day.



8 Bridal French-braided sides

Braids have made their way from the runway to the aisle. These French braid wedding hairstyles are on trend and classic bridal looks. The weaving together of three strands is a metaphor for marriage to these bridal hairstyles combines’ style and meaning. Wedding braids are perfect for brides and bridesmaids at a beach wedding or outdoor summer event. Options include the Dutch braid, side braid, and timeless fishtail braid. They all work with veils, fascinators, or any bridal hair accessory you plan to wear. Maybe it has something to do with the “Hunger Games” phenomenon but… from fishtail to the classic French; braided hairstyles in general are back with modern twists and turns. Delicate, youthful, and fun… braids are the perfect complement for brides looking to add something special to their wedding day style.



9 Elegant and classic Wedding Hairstyle

When you have your wedding, it is obviously important to look perfect as the bride. It is your special day and you should be the center of attention. Although your wedding dress will definitely help set you apart from the crowd, your hairstyle can take this to the next level by making you look even more elegant and beautiful. Updo wedding hairstyles have been preferred by brides for ages, and these are indeed the classiest wedding hairstyles available. The classic wedding hairstyles are elegant and gorgeous and are perfect for your wedding day due to their lack of strands. A bride can never go wrong with a chic hairstyle. The elegant style is the bun. A petite, classic touch of pearls will add a touch of glam to this haute hairstyle. These wedding hairstyles have been used for ages and are still very popular today.



10 Straight Wedding Hairstyles

When it comes to deciding on your look for your bridal hairstyle, straight hair will add smoothness and a touch of class to any ‘do and looks especially great when left out to flow over your shoulders, or styled into an updo. To see what we mean, here are some of our favorite choices for a straight wedding hairstyle. Teaming a straight hairstyle with some sassy side-swept bangs for your wedding day will give you a style that draws attention to your eyes and gives your face shape lots of softness. Half Up Half Down is the perfect compromise between an up style or wearing your hair down hairstyle. This look gets a glamour boost with plenty of volume added through the top half. But, for those looking for a look that isn’t as elaborate as an updo, why not give a simple ponytail a try? It can be dressed up with a plate or braid and back combed locks (à la this look) or given the right touches with the help of some hair accessories.



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