From stylish pantsuits to elegant dresses, Singapore mums have lovely choices for your big day too.

The biggest concern for mums, when shopping for dresses for their daughters’ wedding day, is about looking elegantly stylish. As one mum says: “Our bodies have seen better days, so it’s not always easy to find something that looks good, fits well and is suitable for the occasion.”

So if you’re shopping with, and for mum, some few tips to bear in mind:



Taste will differ – your mum needs something that looks good as well as fits her style. If she’s the quiet sort, getting her into a traditional qipao (cheongsam) may yield better results than a dress that’s glamorously showy but suits your theme. Her style should reflect her comfort level; same as you.


If she’s a little on the broad or heavy side, fabric is key to looking good. Fabrics with weight (crepe, duchess satin, and georgette) work better than light ones. Heavy fabrics hold a cut better because they fall correctly rather than cling unflatteringly.

Some designers may choose to use light fabrics but weigh them down with heavy beading, sequin, lining or layering two fabrics (such as lace and satin), which can also work. Bear in mind too that fabrics with a bit of shine will look more formal, and be more suitable for a wedding dinner.


A design is only limited by how adventurous mums are in their personal styles. A full dress worn with a shrug or a cropped bolero (or jacket) will work for some women.

Generally, separates (a top and skirt, or even a pantsuit) tend to work better for most mums because they’re more flattering and easier to wear. Moreover, these can be mixed and matched with other basic pieces even after the wedding.



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Dear bride-to-be, it is not easy to look for a bride’s mom dress in Singapore, and you should learn some necessary notes before you search and look for your mom’s dress. Hope this article help you, and do share it if you think useful for your mom and other moms as well!


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