One of the proudest and most anticipated days in a mother’s life is the day that her daughter gets married. It is a day that every mother wants to both look her absolute best and let her daughter shine the brightest. This is why, among all of the planning and shopping and arranging, the single most important purchase that the mother of the bride will make is her dress for the big event. While there are many brick and mortar establishments that cater to wedding attire and to formal women’s wear, it may take several trips to multiple locations before the right dress can be located. Many women turn to shopping at online shopping and auction sites, like Dolce2Dolce, which provides online order and offline fitting and alteration service, for efficient shopping from hundreds of thousands of fashion listings.

mother or the bride dress

There are a number of things to keep in mind when shopping for the perfect dress

for the mother of the bride. The standards of wedding style and etiquette demand that the mother of the bride be conscientious of the theme of the wedding, of the personal feelings of the bride, of the basic standards of fashion decorum, and of the line of communication with the mother of the groom. The standards of personal style and presentation are a regard for self-expression, the rejection of dowdy dresses and ensembles, careful selection of accessories, and distinction from the rest of the wedding party. This guide takes a look at eight important do’s and don’ts when buying a mother of the bride dress, and it also offers some suggestions for where to purchase these dresses, such as boutiques like Dolce2Dolce.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Wedding Style

While no mother of the bride should be forced into a dress that she does not absolutely love, there are a few things that every conscientious mother of the bride will take into consideration as she prepares to search for the ideal ensemble for the big day. Following a few simple guidelines can guarantee any mother of the bride a fashionable wedding day appearance that everyone in attendance can admire.

1. Do Get a Sense of the Wedding Theme

Every wedding has a color scheme, be it pastel or primary, subdued or vibrant. Every wedding also has a tone, be it formal, semi-formal, or casual. It is generally considered to be within the standards of good taste to adhere to the chosen color scheme and to the level of formality. It would be unbecoming to attend an informal wedding in a formal gown, for example.

2. Don’t Forget Whose Day It Is

Let the bride set the guidelines for apparel within reason. Allow the engaged couple’s taste and sensibilities to dictate choices on hemlines and necklines and on colors and patterns.

In addition, the mother of the bride should take care to keep her glamorous look toned down to demure. It is the bride’s day to shine, and dressing competitively is a faux pas no courteous and considerate mother wants to commit.

3. Do Aim for Support and Sophistication

The mother of the bride should not skimp on herself when it comes to an event like the marriage of her daughter. Truly, the wedding of a child is a time to indulge and look one’s best. When the mother of the bride has selected her dress or gown for the big day, the next step should be to look for a beautiful set of matching support lingerie to achieve the utmost effect. Hosiery is another item that is both a necessity and a treat.

4. Don’t Leave the Mother of the Groom Hanging

It is considered customary for the mother of the bride, once she has settled on and purchased her dress for the wedding, to communicate with the mother of the groom about her selection so that she may shop for her dress accordingly. Some mothers of the engaged who have a particularly good rapport like to take a day to shop for their dresses together.

Such coordination is ideal for everyone, as it ensures that both mothers look their best without clashing or outshining each other, and it also gives both mothers the opportunity to bring their own flair to the chosen theme of the wedding.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Personal Style

Once the standards of wedding etiquette have been taken into consideration, the mother of the bride is free to find the perfect ensemble to fit her needs and tastes. Keeping a few easy points in mind while shopping will ensure that any mother of the bride can bring her unique sense of charm and beauty to the wedding day.

5. Do Find Room for Personal Taste

Mothers of the bride who have taken the basics of wedding and fashion etiquette into consideration should feel free to otherwise express their own sense of personal style. Whether the mother of the bride chooses to drape herself in silk charmeuse or silk chiffon, she should be allowed and encouraged to bring her own unique flair and flavor to the look. There is no reason why a woman’s mother of the bride dress should not be something that she would love to wear again on another formal or glamorous occasion.

6. Don’t Be Doomed to Dressing Dowdy

There is a false tradition floating around some circles that says that the mother of the bride should not attempt to be glamorous on her daughter’s wedding day. Dressing old and frumpy on a day of celebration is a scandal, and no mother of the bride should shuffle herself into some sad and shapeless garment out of a misguided sense of etiquette.

There are plenty of ways to “dress one’s age” without resorting to dumpy frocks or prudish pantsuits. Do not be afraid of a tastefully draped neckline for an autumn or winter date or a flattering knee length hemline for a wedding in the warmer seasons.

7. Do Put Care and Consideration into Hair and Accessories

When it comes to a beautiful, memorable, and truly personalized mother of the bride ensemble, the drama is in the details. Soft, sophisticated updos are elevated by sparkling crystal hair clips. Many mothers of the bride still enjoy the classic look of a tasteful veiled hat.

Mothers of the bride further have the luxury of considering extras like formal gloves and even a matching handbag or clutch. Do not pass up the chance to indulge, but keep accessories tasteful and carefully chosen. Of course, a proper and comfortable pair of shoes is an absolute must.

8. Don’t Worry What the Wedding Entourage is Wearing

Many mothers of the bride to be can be hung up on false tradition. One of the worst limits that a mother of the bride can put on herself and on her wedding day attire is believing that she must match the bridesmaids. There is nothing in the wedding rule book that says anything about matching the bridesmaids. If anything, her ensemble should be distinguished from the rest of the ladies in the wedding party.

Mothers of the bride do well do dress to match the theme of the wedding, but they should not restrict themselves to the specific hues of the bridesmaids’ dresses. If the mother of the bride prefers and selects a dress that is similar to the bridesmaids’ dresses, she can elevate and distinguish her look with bold accessories and embellishments. An elegant wrap or a dramatic yet tasteful spill of fine costume jewelry can do the trick.


A mother of the bride dress is an important garment in the collection of any woman. There is no reason why its style and its flair should not beautifully reflect that of the woman who is wearing it. The mother of the bride dress is definitely a garment that a mother should begin shopping for as soon as their daughter’s wedding date is set. There are certain standards of wedding etiquette that a mother of the bride is expected to acknowledge, such as taking the themes and tone of the wedding into consideration, as well as the particular tastes and wishes of the bride. The mother of the bride should always invest and indulge in attractive and supportive undergarments that match her ensemble. It has long been considered a gesture of common courtesy to communicate with the mother of the groom about rehearsal dinner and wedding day ensemble choices.

It is also important for the mother of the bride to remember to retain her own sense of glamour and youth. Her dress should reflect her personal style and be flattering, tasteful, and comfortable. She should indulge herself in accents and accessories that elevate her ensemble and distinguish her from the rest of the wedding party. Any savvy fashionista can meet all of her mother of the bride apparel needs efficiently and completely on eBay or at any number of boutiques, like Dolce2Dolce.

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