Three Methods:
1 Before Prom 2 Getting Dressed and Preparing the Night of Prom 3 More Information

At prom time of year, you may feel anxious to dance with someone or just enjoy the evening. It’s really important to take steps to prepare for a spectacular night, because it only happens when you’re in the last year of high school.

Method 1 of 3: Before Prom
1 Sign up and make your own decision whether you’re going or not, in advance. Even if you don’t have a date by the deadline, you never know what might happen from now until then and even if you don’t get one, you’ll still have a ball.

2 Consider asking someone to prom in a cute and elaborate way. Prom is the time to go all out – even if the person you are asking is a longtime girlfriend or boyfriend or simply a friend.

3 Join the organizing team. If there is a “Prom Committee” to help the school prepare for this event, you may be interested in joining or even by simply giving feedback on what you’d like to see done for that day.

4 Volunteer to contribute any theme songs that are appropriate for the theme of the prom. Factors to consider include upbeat dance music for the beginning of the evening, some relaxing movie for rest times and the slow, weepy stuff towards the end.

5 Make plans with your date and/or friends before prom to take pictures or eat dinner, depending on your school’s plan for prom. You’ll want to take pictures together to remember this night forever!

6 Get a haircut a couple days beforehand. You don’t want to have any stray hairs sticking to your dress or your dates!
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Method 2 of 4: Getting Dressed and Preparing the Night of Prom
1 Choose your outfit well in advance. Look in thrift stores or at sales before prom season to find an awesome dress that works for you without completely breaking your budget.
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2 Wear your shoes around the house, especially if they are not the most comfortable. Get used to walking in them and break them in before prom, so that you will not have to deal with blisters and bloody, aching feet on the night of prom.

3 Make an appointment for a hairdresser well in advance. This is especially important if your school is a big one or many schools are having prom on the same weekend.

4 Practice your makeup before hand. You can get a professional to do this, but it may be unnecessary and expensive if you can make yourself up by yourself.

5 Plan your day. Give yourself enough time on the night of to fix your hair, your makeup, and to put on your dress.

Before Prom
6 Pack a small clutch to bring with you. Make sure you have your ticket, photo ID, some money, lip balm, and anything else you might need.

7 Consider getting ready with a bunch of friends. You can help each other with hair and makeup – it’s lots of fun and will take much less time than if you tried to do it all yourself. You can even turn up together and have strength in numbers for a “wow” of an entrance!

8 Get parents or friends to drive to the prom (parents usually understand to keep their distance!). Make sure you have arrangements to get home safely, and take care not to get in car with anyone who is intoxicated.
Get Ready for Prom Night Step 15.jpg

9 Enter the prom with a positive, happy attitude, ready to enjoy the night and be with your friends and classmates. Remember to just have fun!

Method 3 of 3: More Information
For more information on getting ready for prom, check out these wikiHow articles.

Ask your date out in a cute way to ensure that your date will remember the night forever.
Choose the right dress to stun your friends as well as your date.
Make sure your accessories match.

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